25 Piece Cat Toys Variety Pack, 2 Way Tunnel, Catnip Fish

25 Piece Cat Toys Variety Pack, 2 Way Tunnel, Catnip Fish

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Give your kitty all the excitement that comes with 25 pieces of assorted interactive toys including a tunnel! Along with the cat tunnel you also get a cat teaser wand which is fantastic to use or they can play alone with the fish, feather toys, fluffy mouse and crinkle ball bells. Endless joy and provides hours of exercise and self-amusement. Some toys have catnip for a boost of fund.

  A bundle of excitement just for cats - comes with 25 assorted toys to bring on the playtime fun. (Pictured above everything included)

  Provides a variety of play options with the classic toys cats love, including catnip filled toys, fuzzy mice, crinkly pom-poms, rolling balls, wand and play tunnel.

  Perfect for adult cats and kittens alike, and for single kitties or multi-cat homes.

  More play for your buck—you get a wide assortment of toys at a great value.

Ships from Miami, Florida  


Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assorted Cat Tunnel and Catnip

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